The Ballett am Rhein Düsseldorf Duisburg under the direction of chief choreographer Martin Schläpfer is one of the leading ballet companies. The 45 dancers from 16 nations form a modern company that knows how to transfer classical dance into the present.

In the magazine, photographs, interviews and reports provide insights into the work of the ensemble. The 5th edition brings together internationally renowned choreographers such as Amanda Miller and Jerome Robbins. The Swiss stage designer Thomas Ziegler opens his sketchbooks and the company gives a glimpse behind the scenes.

Red Dot Communication Award 2015

For and with Markwald Neusitzer Identity


Neben Essays, Porträts und Interviews zeigt die 5. Ausgabe des Magazins Fotografien des bekannten Ballettfotografen Gert Weigelt, der die Ballettabende b.17 – b.20 über die Spielzeit hinweg begleitet hat.

Joan Miró

Ballett am Rhein 2015/16