“Love is probably the most meaningless word there is.”

Image: Schirn Kunsthalle

Daniel Richter is one of the most influential German artists of his generation. In 2015 the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt presented several new works, still unknown to the public. The 22 paintings, which differ from his previous work, show connections to geopolitical conflicts and pornographic scenes.

The exhibition title “Hello i love you” plays with the pursuit of recognition and love of the artist as such. Through the use of Richterʼs personal handwriting, he himself comes in focus as the sender, making the titleʼs direct approach visible. The design of the campaign picks up the strong colors of the works and includes various special formats.

For and with Markwald Neusitzer Identity


The center of the concept is the title written by Daniel Richter, which was digitalized and used in the campaign.

Image  ·  Schirn Kunsthalle


The program flyer was printed in a special format as a folding poster with a image on the back.


In October 2015 the exhibition opened with great public interest.

Images  ·  Schirn Kunsthalle

Why is your exhibition entitled Hello, I Love You?

“Because I want to be loved. Besides emotion, feeling and power, love is probably the most meaningless word there is. Nevertheless, to love and to be loved is the meaning and purpose of life - in addition to knowledge.”

Daniel Richter in Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin  ∙   37/2015

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