Whenever we encounter a really new phenomenon, we are like discoverers of an unknown dimension: everything seems new, every idea seems pure, strange. In the face of this newly created universe, we can try to shout: "It can't be!" But our protests will soon be buried under an avalanche of miracles

David Hildebrand Wilson

Since centuries people are attracted to the strange and bizarre. Fascinated by the abnormality and perfection of the world, they collected everything possible in the so-called Wunderkammern more than 400 years ago. The chambers were walkable collections, encyclopaedias and rooms of the amazement at the same time.
If the objects weren’t curious enough by themselves, they became more interesting by myths and stories. Horns, relics and carved cherry stones. Jedwedes Ding das absonderlich “Anything strange” is a collection of 20 strange things which tracks down the spirit of the Wunderkammern, opens the doors to their stories and offers room for miracles.






Nº X

Statue von Napoleon im Nadelöhr
Mikrominiaturen von Hagop Sandaldjian im Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles



Fremdkörpersammlung von Dr. Chevalier Jackson im Mütter Museum in Philadelphia


Reclam Meisterwerke